Monday, 16 February 2009

A door for talent

Hi, I created this blog for only one purpose - it is to showcase talent which is abudant among all of us but we seldom take time out of our busy lives to realize the potential.

I have a masters in Business Management and am busy 24x7 and get so few hours to do what i want to do , here i want to showcase little gifts which i have (everyone has them, i encourage you to leave your comments and links to your own talent pages) like stitching, cooking, interior decorating etc,. or anything which are out of my ordinary routine.

irstly i will be posting some videos on stitching which is a personal favourite among my hobbies, i encourage you to post your comments about my videos and tell tales about your own experience on the little talents you usually posses and forget about them in daily routine.


  1. hey hi...i watched ur stitching videos on you was so gud ...but understanding hindi was quite difficult it wud be nice if it was on english...looking fwd for more stitching patterns.

  2. hi, i also saw a youtube video with this link, it was super helpful! i look forward to seeing more salwar kameez instructional videos =]

  3. Hi, I like to watch your video even though I didn't understand what you were saying. I like to sew tunic top or salvars but I don't have enough knowlege about it. Can you post video on Tunic top and how to cut out a pattern, arms with sleeves and without sleeves. Also can you do in English because I don't know your language. Thanks.